Increasing tourism boom in Turkey

Increasing tourism boom in Turkey in recent years Increasing tourism in Turkey Apart from the numerous facilities and attractions for people all over the world, Turkey is also the easiest option for Iranians to enjoy a short .and enjoyable trip The pristine natural resources of Turkey, unique artifacts from ancient Rome to the Ottomans, modern recreational facilities and shopping are just a part of Turkey’s .tourism facilities From the beautiful blue beaches t the hundreds of thousands of years of history in Turkey, every year of history in Turkey, every year millions of people are drawn to this . country for an annual tour According to the latest data from the Turkish Statistics Center, the number of people coming to Turkey is increasing every year Although the number of Iranian tourists has been lower than in the previous year, the number of Iranian immigrants and investors has increased significantly this year

Caputas Beach

ساحل کاپوتاس

ساحل کاپوتاس

People enjoy the Kaputas beach during a summer day at the town and resorts of Kalkan in Antalya Province, Turkey Kaputas beach is famous for its turquoise color, located between the Kalkan region and southwest .Turkey Last year, more than Fo million tourists, including Turkish nationals living in other countries, came to .Turkey Most of these travelers settled on the Mediterranean coast and set a new record in the tourist sector of Turkey.
Turkish officials expect to set a new .record in Turkish entry this year Below are some of Trika’s top destinations that attract tourists from all over the world because of their natural , .historical and cultural attractions

Aerial view of Galata Tower in Istanbul


برج گلاتای

The Tower of Glatay Aerial view of Galata Tower in Istanbul The Galata Tower is a symbol of Istanbul, at the top of the tower you can watch the city of Istanbul and the beautiful island of Parim Ada The view of the sunset and the beautiful Bosphorus Strait in front of .you is a very pleasant feeling If you climb it, rotate it around and keep your memories alive forever by .taking snapshots of it .
There is a restaurant in the Tower and if you go there and hungry you can enjoy the most delicious Turkish dishes at the top .of the tower Another interesting thing about this tower is that it evokes the name of the famous Turkish football team, .Galatasaray In addition, it is important to know that the Galata Tower in Istanbul has been known as the tallest building in Istanbul up to the year Hagia Sophia interior in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia interior in Istanbul

هاگیا سوفیا

Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia interior in Istanbul Was Sophia or Hagia Sophia or Hagia Sophia an Eastern Christian ?Church And built in the Byzantine Empire in the year & AD by the order of Emperor Constantine I It was later restored and restored by Justinianus in the oth century AD Two architects, Isidorus (from Miletus or current Succili) and Antius (from Trelles or Adideli), were commissioned to rebuild building .

The work was completed by five thousand workers over a period of five years under the supervision of four professors and opened on „Aralik This church was first called the Great Church. After the conquest of Istanbul, Muhammad Il ordered the Easufiyah Church to be converted into a mosque.
Suleiman I ordered that the paintings and paintings of the interior of lasufiyah be covered so that the Friday prayer could be read there Salim Il ordered the Sinan architect to repair Ayasufiyah. At the time of Murad III, the minaret, the pulpit and the altar were added to the building .of Ayasufiyah Be sure to read: Balcola Izmir Day Market At the time of Murad IV, verses of the Quran were written on Musta Chalabi’s line on the walls ceiling of Ayasufiyah
At the time of Murad IV, verses of the Quran were written on Mustafa Chalabi’s line on the walls and ceiling of Ayasufiyah In addition, billboards were erected around the ceiling of the Isafofiyya, with the names of Allah, Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Omar, Usman, Ali, Hassan and Hussein .written These tablets were replaced by circular tablets written by Abraham Effendi during the reign of Abdul .Majid

راهنمای اقامت در ترکیه از طریق خرید ملک در ازمیر
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After the proclamation of republic of Turkey in Turkey and ataturk came to power , ayasufiye became a museum, and it remains the same today.

Salak Girl Tower

برج مایدن

برج مایدن

people are talking on a sunny day in Istanbul and walking on the beach in „Salak Girl Tower is one of thousands of years old beautiful monuments in Istanbul This time tower had a different shape and height But now it has a square structure with a concrete octagonal balcony And it has beautiful scenery in different climates and day and night And on the beach there are cafes .and places to sit and have tea The boats can easily be reached from Istanbul’s Oscudar Quay Take a short walk to the tower at the expense of the F Lear Gi Watch Tower and Museum.
There are some interesting stories about this tower that one failed about And there is another girl who was .killed by the snake bite Another feature of the Girl Tower is that it lets you Watch the city of Istanbul from the top of the tower or using binoculars .off the island





 Ancient Greek-Roman city in Antalya As you can see in the picture, tourists are shaking hands The Aspendos Open-air Amphitheater in Antalya, built on a steep hill, is one of the surviving monuments of the second century As you look at the architecture of this building, you will quickly be reminded of the days of the ancient Romans, Greeks and emperors of .that time This amphitheater today hosts the International Opera Festival Making this amphitheater has an .interesting story The architects who built the theater as well as the aqueducts of the city all had one purpose And that was the royal prize, and it was a wedding to the daughter of the king After completing the construction of the aqueduct and amphitheater of King Aspendus, who liked both works

Announces that he is halving his daughter and marrying half of the .architects The amphitheater, in contrast to the aqueduct, declined the offer. This convinced the Shah’s sacrifice to .accept him into marriage If you want to look at the building from an architectural point of view, you should expect a large „semicircular jena It is divided by two steep and steep corridors. These staircases are .designed to seat onlookers In this building there is a hall with .four arches These amphitheaters, like most Roman amphitheaters, have special places for the emperor and his .family The front seats were reserved for senators and judges, and celebrities in the city were leaking the second row.


Sideways Ancient City

شهرباستانی ساید

شهرباستانی ساید

Urban Side Sid was founded in the Yth century BC by Greek settlers on land .northwest of Anatolia The goddess of this city was Athena, whose head was depicted .on coins minted on the sidewalk However, the Greek origin of the inhabitants of Sidney was soon forgotten, and the children of the Greek colonists took over the language and customs of the local .people Be sure to read: Zeniva hotel The language, examples of which have been discovered on inscriptions from the “rd and Ynd century BC, are not yet understood by scholars.
However, it is clear that its name means pomegranate in the local „dialect Thanks to its favorable position in the natural harbor, Sid quickly became one of the most important settlements in the city of Pemphilia .and a regional trading station In the sixth century BCE, Sidia became dominated by Lydia a later Pars, but little is known about this period of history

رشد 6.7 درصدی اقتصاد ترکیه در تابستان امسال
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Celsus Library

کتابخانه سلسوس

کتابخانه سلسوس

ruins left in the alas of Turkey that „has been well restored What makes this library unique to other libraries is that it is the site of the burial of Celsius the Roman Celsus was a wealthy and influential citizen who was consul of Turkey in the Pnd year and governor of Asia in the Pnd year He is buried in a carved marble casket underneath the library, which is his tomb, built by his son Celsus to be donated to his father The construction of the library began in the year P Y AD and was completed about six years later in the year & AD at a cost of F,000 .dinars The first thing you notice when you visit this library is the intelligence and foresight of the ancient „Romans And it was this intelligence and tact that led them to store all their information in a public building .throughout the reign And the architectural and infrastructure design of this library „is very important to them
The Celsus Library had more than F,000 scrolls and manuscripts And it is one of the most prominent monuments of the Roman Empire, and perhaps the most spectacular and most regrettable

Limestone in the ancient city of Hierapolis

هیراپولیس دنیزلی

هیراپولیس دنیزلی

Hierapolis Denizli The ancient natural spa pool is ed in the ancient city of Hierapolis, in the province of „Pamukkale, Denizli Province, Turkey
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is welcomed by many tourists .despite the intense heat The pool offers health services to .visitors in winter and summer The ancient post-earthquake pool .was created in $9Y BC Its water temperature is “F degrees throughout the seasons and visitors will experience a different .experience in summer In the summer, an average of P,0o0 .people visit this ancient pool daily
In winter, that number is about Foo The largest number of foreign tourists using this ancient spa pool .are Russian tourists |In recent years, this ancient pool has also attracted tourists from the Far „East Carahait is another area in the city that is famous for its healing pools degree karaoke pools featuring so “red water” rich in iron
It is effective in treating diseases such as rheumatism, circulatory .system, asthma, bronchitis and skin

 Cappadocia Historical Area



Cappadocia Cappadocia in Turkey is a tourist and tourist area that offers many .attractions to tourists You’ll easily find this destination on your travels by viewing photos and reading the unique attractions of .Cappadocia Because it will bring you the best travel experiences In this area you can not only enjoy the stay among the locals of Turkey and become more intimate with ,them You can also go for sports activi in the mountains and cliffs of Cannadocia
If you’re also interested in history, this place has some interesting .historical places to hide Hiking in this Cappadocia is free fun. Click the green, blue and red .nets in the area These tours leave you in some beautiful scenes for photography, .wasting your time in vain If you have some great attraction in Gorma that are not include in these tours
Alone in the alleys around your hotel. There are certain routes in .these areas so you won’t be lost Hiking in Cappadocia itself is appealing, with no need to take „different tours

هزینه زندگی در ازمیر
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 Oludeniz Beach

ساحل اولودنیز

ساحل اولودنیز

Oludeniz Beach The Blue Village of Olodeniz is one of the most popular and yet beautiful beaches on the „Mediterranean coast Despite its popularity, it has a very quiet and secluded beach that lies on a mountain of the same name as .Olodeniz July, August, and September are the hottest months of the year if you are „looking for the perfect temperature But if you like the temperate climate, the months of January, February March and December are right for you By booking a plane ticket and booking a hotel you can travel to this beautiful beach and enjoy a .peaceful stay The coast of Olodeniz itself, unlike other Turkish beaches, is a sandy beach All construction and construction by the Turkish government in this area is completely and absolutely prohibited. The clear water of the coast of Olodeniz has gained popularity in the world for its turquoise and light „blue color On the Uludeniz beach, a blue flag reflecting the high standard of water is also installed And it is familiar to all who travel to this beach.

Bodrum Castle

قلعه بدروم

قلعه بدروم

This archaeological museum is the most important museum of this group of museums around the world .as the Museum of Solid Archeology Which exhibits important objects .and relics of antiquity Here are information boards, ,drawings, models, designs, murals Various animated images and videos are designed to provide visitors with the necessary information Various animated images and videos are designed to provide visitors with the necessary „information In the Fth year the Knights built this castle on the basis of a similar castle In the Rhodes region of Greece, the .Mongols invaded Antalya They have marble and tombstones that have been affected An earthquake had been used to construct new structures They also renamed the city from Halikranasus to Petronium, now known as St. Peter’s Construction work in this area is completed in year $ And although they added some defensive parts like ditches, barrows ,and water tanks However, this place, as well as the Rhodes region, was conquered by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman in the Fth year The defeated knights were forced relinguish the castle to Muslim conquerors And at the behest of King Solomon, the church of this castle became a mosque For centuries this castle has not been tested in any major battle Finally, during World War I, the French occupied the site The minaret, of course, was rebuilt .again in the year 8. Today there are many traces of its .up and down history in this castle And the historical information and its archeological remains are on .display at the museum.

توران ازمیر

مجموعه جامع توران ازمیر با هدف بهبود کیفیت زندگی شما هموطن گرامی در شهر ازمیر اقدام به جمع آوری و ارائه تمامی نیازهای گردشگری و زندگی در ازمیر ترکیه نموده است.

اشتراک این مطلب با ذکر منبع سایت توران ازمیر بلامانع می باشد.

◊◊ توران ازمیر جامع ترین سایت گردشگری ازمیر , املاک ازمیر , مشاغل فعال ازمیر , صرافی ازمیر و خدمات ازمیر ترکیه ◊◊

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