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خدمات توران

مهاجرت به خارج از کشور یکی از موضوعاتی است که در سال های اخیر رواج زیادی پیدا کرده و ندانستن قوانین مهاجرت باعث اتلاف انرژی و پول افراد می شود.

کشور ترکیه به دلایل بسیاری یکی از این مقاصد برای ایرانیان شناخته شده است.

دانستن قوانین مهاجرت و انجام درست کارهای لازم برای مهاجرت به افراد این امکان را می دهد که مهاجرتی بدون دردسر را تجربه کنند.

افرادی که قصد دارند مهاجرت قانونی داشته باشند و بدون ایجاد مشکل از کشور خود خارج شوند, باید از راهنمایی های یک مشاور مهاجرتی استفاده کنند.

تحصیل, زندگی و اشتغال به کار در کشورهای خارجی امری آسان و بدون زحمت نیست. استفاده از وکیل مهاجرت به افراد کمک می کند که امور اقامت, تابعیت و مهاجرت را راحت تر انجام دهند و مهاجرتی بدون دغدغه و مشکل را تجربه کنند.

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 Participation in construction

Do you own a home or land and want to make it a stylish apartment but lack the budget and expertise needed to refurbish it?

Don’t you have enough money to buy the right land despite having the budget, expertise and experience to build a property?

If so, we recommend collaborative construction. Partnership in construction is a form of construction in which one party gives the developer a property or land and after the builder, the developer, on the basis of an initial agreement, returns his share of the project as a partner.

If you are looking for a developer or owner to participate in construction for any reason, be sure to consider all the legal aspects of this construction.

Although the amount of ownership and builder contribution in all projects is not specified and this agreement is a two-person agreement, you can obtain detailed information on similar contracts in your area by consulting the Turan Izmir Expert Team.

 Obtain residence in Turkey

One of our collection services is to provide a consulting service for getting Izmir residence in Turkey.

It is worth noting that the entire process of obtaining a residence permit is made possible by the applicant, his or her legal representative without the need for a third party, however, the assistance of an experienced consultant will save you from the potential confusion and exclude the possibility of rejection. Minimizing your residence request will help you choose the best, cheapest and shortest route, as well as prevent misuse by unnecessary people, spending unnecessary expenses and wasting your time.

Contact our experts for more information and free consultation.


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Consultation and implementation of interior decoration

Any interior, whether work, leisure or residence, can be beautiful; you just have to use the right principles and elements of organization, plus a little taste to create the right fit.

Getting started in decorating and decorating should be free of mental and fantasy aspects. When deciding on decoration, it is necessary to take into consideration the facial features and facilities.

Building a dream home is easy, but it is hard and difficult in practice!

Due to many factors involved in the formation of a temporary plan, the implementation of the work requires careful planning. Step-by-step and calculated progress reduces the precision and cost of the waste and, as a result, makes the work fruitful, so there are many factors in the implementation plan that you can easily get by consulting the experienced team of Turan Izmir Your dream is to move on.

 Provides protection systems and CCTV cameras

Nowadays, with the development of smart technologies, the integration of security equipment such as CCTV, fire alarm systems, traffic control and theft reporting has made it possible for customers to cover and control their security needs in parallel.

Applications of the CCTV system include: industrial, security and police solutions, traffic control, bank security, theft of residential and non-residential buildings and many more.

Specialized team of Turan Izmir with decades of experience in carrying out numerous public, administrative and private projects in Iran and Izmir are ready to offer you services and advice in this respect dear compatriots.

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 Building Intelligence

The intelligent building management system tries to take control of the building resources management depending on the type of use (residential, office, commercial, etc.) using control technologies. Smarting reduces the impact of factors such as manpower error, out-of-control incident rates and accidents, and enhances reliability of the correct operation of building equipment and equipment and improves public building security.

Although the implementation of the building management system raises the cost of building construction, the amount of current building cost savings resulting from the system can shortly offset initial costs and also provide a higher level of comfort to residents. To accompany.

Turan Izmir team of experts is ready to advise your loved ones in building intelligent.

از اینکه توران ازمیر را انتخاب کردید سپاسگزاریم